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Sister Clubs

The IsuzuWeb
The first Isuzu car club in North America and the only global Isuzu car club. Among US and Canadian Isuzu owners, this is the one and only, often imitated, never duplicated Isuzu car club. So good that we merged with them.

Geo Storm Owners Page
Our sister club under the umbrella of the IsuzuWeb. The Geo Storm Owners Page provides a mass of technical and historic information about the Geo Storm and its Isuzu sister cars, the Gemini Coupe and Sedan.

Isuzu Pages

The Isupage
Everything you ever wanted to know about Isuzu cars. Most of the information about Isuzu cars that is on the internet, was copied and pasted from this website. A wealth of information about Isuzu history, specs and details for US and JDM model cars, RWD, FWD, AWD, you name it, they cover it.

Hard core Isuzu racing, and nothing else. These guys bulid some of the fastest Isuzu cars on the planet.

Other Clubs We Like

Sports Car Club of America
Sanctioning body for solo, club racing, performance driving experience, and rallycross.

National Auto Sport Association
Sanctioning body for NASAcross, road racing, and high performance driving experience.

Shops, Dealers and Other Supporters

The only company in North America specializing in Isuzu racing parts. If they don't make it, you don't need it. 90 percent of everything available for Isuzu cars was designed and developed by these people. They poineered T3/T4 turbo systems for the Isuzu cars, limited slip differentials, fully threaded coilover suspensions, digital programmable fuel injection systems, and just about everything else we use and need. We should all be supporting this company as much as possible to thank them for everything they have done for us, and encourage them to keep working on new toys for our cars.
This is best summed up in the words of Steve Lockett (RacerStev):
“Where would we be without Bill and his parts business? Who else would have gone out on a limb (for us)?“
For auction deals and auctions for rare parts, check these links:
  • Isuzuperformance Auctions on eBay
  • Isuzuperformance Auctions on Yahoo Japan Auctions

  • TracMax Differentials
    Makers of automatic torque biasing and clutch pack style limited slip differentials and racing gear sets for Isuzu cars. Their front ATB gear LSD diff with viscous coupling eliminator and rear clutch LSD diff combination for Impulse RS AWD and Gemini Irmscher-R turn these cars into rockets. Designed by Isuzuperformance, built by Tracmax.

    Plug-in-and-play programmable fuel injection systems that allow you to program on the fly, run turbo, supercharger, and multi stage nitrous. Designed by Isuzuperformance, built by Iperformance.

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